Watch It Here For Free… “TRUCKING FOR FREEDOM” Docuseries Episode 1 Available on The Gateway Pundit! Promises to Debunk Biden & Trudeau Regimes! ENJOY!

A team of world class filmmakers released a beautifully made documentary series about the Canadian Trucker Convoy. They have offered it to The Gateway Pundit to air for our audience.

Enjoy the beautifully made first episode below and stay tuned for future episodes in the six part series.

“At the time of release the film’s producers experienced censorship issues when attempting to distribute this film on popular content websites,” reads the opening credits of the film.

According to film co-director Andrew Peloso:

TRENDING: BREAKING: Hero Sheriff Dar Leaf Sues Lawless MI AG Nessel, Dishonest MI SOS Benson For Interfering, Obstructing and Covering Up Crimes In Election Fraud Investigations, Including Machine Voting, Ballot Harvesting and Trafficking

“When our team decided to join the convoy and stay in Ottawa to the end, we were blown away by the amount of media censorship, blackouts and misinformation. It was a complete juxtaposition from what we were capturing in live time through our cameras. Due to the level of misinformation we saw, we feel a deep and sincere sense of duty to tell this story. As it was. Plain and simple. If there is anything our film crew unanimously believes in it is the following statement: TRUTH DESTROYS FEAR.

The Trudeau Regime sent out fabricated talking points to the fake Canadian News outlets that the Convoy was a “white supremacy convoy” in an attempt to discredit the now historical movement. This mirrors the strategy the Biden Regime here in the United States has implemented with their phony accomplices in the fake news-label everyone that disagrees with the government “white supremacists”- including anyone opposed to vaccines, masks, mandates, gun control, abortions, censorship, sex education in kindergarten, etc.

Pelosco responded:

“From the very beginning, even before the convoy officially arrived in Ottawa, the Trudeau government was sending out talking points to the media claiming this was a white supremacy convoy.”

According to Peloso, the project is funded by the people and is not indebted to a Hollywood Studio. The filmmakers have found a unique way to crowd source to make the film so the story could be told as truthfully as possible with no influence from investors or a corporation.

“Our team at Trucking For Freedom is overwhelmed by the public support to have this story told,” said Peloso. “On our website, we put together film credits for purchase which patrons could use to help fund this project. We have consistent seen purchasing of these credits. We are so thankful. It is literally a project funded and created by the people, in support of freedoms. “

According to the website:

“Our goal is simple. We traveled on the Freedom Convoy to document first-person and eye-witness accounts. Our team is documenting, producing and sharing the story of the Freedom Convoy- filming EVERYTHING we possibly can. This film will serve as a time-capsule; a historical documentary capturing the opinion and views of those who joined the Freedom Convoy.”

Directly from the official press release:

For thirty-three days, the world watched…

Crossing ten provinces and three territories; thousands of trucks traversed the highways and by-ways of Canada’s northern climes in this exclusive documentary offering an immersive look into an extraordinary moment in Canadian history. The Chronicle Brothers imbedded themselves within the Canadian Trucker Convoy capturing the unifying pulse of everyday people.

The directors blend interviews and live footage, journaling unbiased truths intrinsically viewed through a camera lens. They expose the raw emotion and purpose of those who felt compelled to embark on a journey fraught with both joy and sorrow.

The film lays bare a deep and broadening divide within a country known for unity and trust, and how two years of lockdowns illuminated the disparity in the working class and the political landscape. It gives a raw and unpolished visual of diverse Canadians holding a gutted Canadian Charter up to a spotlight and hoping to be heard.

What is the film about?

Our goal is simple. We traveled on the Freedom Convoy to document first-person and eye-witness accounts. Our team is documenting, producing, and sharing the story of the Freedom Convoy.

Uncensored & Raw

Trucking For Freedom is filming EVERYTHING we possibly can. This film will serve as a time-capsule; a historical documentary capturing the opinion and views of those who joined the Freedom Convoy.

About the Directors

Andrew Peloso, Film DirectorAndrew has been working in the film and media industry for over a decade in Canada. Prior to directing ‘Trucking for Freedom’, he spent three years Co-Directing a film on Cancel Culture and its implications on democratic nations.

Jeremy Regoto, Film DirectorJeremy has spent his entire career developing creative solutions in the tech, media, and marketing industry. Prior to directing ‘Trucking for Freedom’, Jeremy’s adventure spirit has taken him all over the world working with colleagues in the Film industry to tell new and engaging stories.

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Chronicle Bros Inc., the production company behind Trucking For Freedom is now offering film credits to supporters interested in having a meaningful experience with this film. Your purchase will allow the film team to successfully execute post-production and distribution of the documentary.

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