What Is Mobile Learning (mLearning)?

mLearning: An Overview mLearning (mobile learning) is “learning on the go” that is typically consumed on smartphones/tablets and permits learners to learn seamlessly across devices. Due to the changed workplace dynamics, training should be delivered to cater to remote learner needs, and mLearning is the way to go. You can use mLearning to manage the … Read more

Stephen Carter Makes the Case for Barring the Bar Exam

In a recent article in Bloomberg, prominent columnist and Yale Law School Professor Stephen Carter makes the case for abolishing the bar exam as a requirement for admission to the legal profession. As he points out, the arguments usually advanced for abolishing the LSAT as a requirement for admission to law school also apply to … Read more

“This Case Involves a Religious Psychic Trying to Break a Family Curse by ‘Cleaning’ ‘Dirty’ Money”

From Magistrate Judge Edwin Torres’s Report and Recommendation in US v. Stevens (SD Fla.) recommending denial of defendant’s motion to dismiss, just adopted yesterday by Judge Darrin Gayles: This case involves a religious psychic trying to break a family curse by “cleaning” “dirty” money. Far-fetched as that might be, the Government has decided to make … Read more

11 Classroom Management Techniques That Really Work

The key to a well-run classroom isn’t magic, even when it looks like it is. Most of it lies in having good relationships with your students, but some of it must be learned. Reading about classroom management techniques, asking other teachers what they do, and even talking with your principal about what they have observed … Read more

Court Strikes Down Ban on “Encourag[ing] or Induc[ing] an Alien to Come, Enter, or Reside” in the US

From today’s Tenth Circuit decision in US v. Hernandez-Calvillowritten by Judge Nancy Moritz and joined by Judge Scott Matheson. This appeal involves the constitutionality of a federal immigration statute that makes it a crime to encourage or induce a noncitizen to reside in the United States, knowing or recklessly disregarding that such residence violates the … Read more

Liberals Gloat, Attack Republicans After 10-Year-Old Girl Rape Story Confirmed by Ohio Prosecutors

Liberals have been gloating and attacking Republicans after the story of a 10-year-old girl in Ohio being raped was confirmed to be true by prosecutors who charged an illegal alien with rape in the case that drew national attention after an Indiana abortion activist claimed without evidence the girl had to leave Ohio for Indiana … Read more