The Why Of Custom eLearning

Learners Desire More And Deserve Better Employee learning has become significant in the past decade, making it crucial to develop a well-rounded Learning and Development (L&D) program and improve it continuously. Nowadays, information has the highest value, and technology changes rapidly. Hence, workers’ skills must keep up with the pace of change. Companies often believe … Read more

Exclusive: The Inspector General’s Report Confirms Improper Investigation by Capitol Police of Congressman Nehls

Last week the Office of Inspector General issued an official investigative report on the events of November 2021, when Rep. Troy Nehls said US Capitol Police improperly investigated his office and activities. earlier this year, US Rep. Troy Nehls claimed that US Capitol Police intelligence officers illegally entered office in November and photographed his information … Read more

7 Tips To Add Audio Scenarios In Online Training

7 Ways Audio Can Benefit Your Online Training Most online training developers rely on branching or video-based scenarios to facilitate real-world application and immerse employees in the experience. However, they aren’t necessarily optimal for busy professionals who can’t get to a screen. The trick is adding audio scenarios in online training to offer JIT support … Read more

Coach Can’t Be Fired Just for Publicly Criticizing School’s “Diversity, Equity, Inclusion” Turn, But Can Be …

From Flynn v. Forrestdecided Monday by Judge Indira Talwani (D. Mass.): Plaintiff David Flynn, the former Dedham high school football coach, brings this action against Defendants Michael Welch, Jim Forrest, and Stephen Traister for violation of his First Amendment rights. He alleges that Defendants’ decision not to renew his coaching contract was based explicitly on … Read more

Ohio Court of Appeals Adopts “Discovery Rule” in Libel Case Involving a Forged E-Mail

From Weidman v. Hildebrantdecided Monday by the Ohio Court of Appeals (Twelfth District), in an opinion by Judge Robert Hendrickson, joined by Judges Mike Powell and Robin Piper III (for more, see this Cincinnati Enquirer [Scott Wartman] article): This action involves the defamation of [Thomas] Weidman, a Sycamore Township trustee, by [Christopher] Hildebrant, a Cincinnati … Read more

In Response to the Uvalde Massacre, Politicians Reiterate Their Demands for Irrelevant Gun Control Laws

Hours after Tuesday’s horrifying massacre at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D–NY) indicated that he favored an immediate vote on legislation that would expand the background-check requirement for gun buyers to cover private transactions as well as sales by federally licensed dealers. Today he seemed to have second thoughts … Read more

Whistleblower Reveals MI Petition Ringleader Who Allegedly Gathered Fraudulent Ballot Signatures For 5 GOP Gubernatorial Candidates Being Kicked Off Ballot ALSO Worked For 2 Current DEM Members of Congress

100 Percent Fed Up Exclusive– On Monday, five of twelve MI GOP gubernatorial candidates, including the top two Republican Gubernatorial candidates, former Detroit Police Chief James Craig and self-made billionaire Perry Johnson and three other GOP candidates for governor, were found to have an insufficient number of signatures to be placed on the ballot in … Read more

The DOJ Says a Man Whose Record Was Expunged Still Must Register As a Sex Offender, Which Is Impossible

Twenty-six years ago, when he was 23, a California man was convicted of a crime involving sexual contact with a 16-year-old girl. The federal government says he therefore must register with the state as a sex offender. But California says he’t, because the state can expunged his record and issued a “certificate of rehabilitation,” meaning … Read more