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Occupational Licensing Reform Is Popular, but Barriers Remain Too High

After decades of increasing barriers to entry for people looking for jobs or hoping to start businesses, occupational licensing reform is gaining traction. Reforms ease licensing rules, extend recognition to licenses issues elsewhere, and sometimes (not often enough) eliminate the requirement that people seek government permission to work. Evidence suggests that such reforms build prosperity, … Read more

The Best Laminators for Teachers in 2022

We love our laminators! But we also hate waiting to use the shared one in the teacher workroom (plus, why the heck is it broken so often?). So it’s no surprise that over time, many of us give in and buy our own personal laminators. These smaller machines can’t handle giant items like posters but … Read more

Court Voids Injunction Blocking Newspaper from Publishing Erroneously Released Names of Police in Shooting

From Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office v. Sarasota Herald-Tribune Co.decided June 27 by Judge Charles E. Williams (Fla. Cir. Ct.), the brief factual background (some periods between sentences added in these quotes, since the order apparently inadvertently omitted them): On April 1, 2022, deputies of the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office …, including Deputy Doe #1 and … Read more

West Virginia v. EPA: An Advisory Opinion?

West Virginia v. EPA will long be remembered as the decision in which the Supreme Court officially endorsed the “major questions doctrine,” as Jonathan Adler has noted on this blog. In this series of five guest blog posts (this being the first), I will get to that in due course. But the briefs and the … Read more

Employee Engagement In A Hybrid Workplace

How To Create An Atmosphere Of Collaboration Many companies are planning a hybrid workplace model, but it is crucial to keep employee engagement high wherever your people are physically located. A hybrid workplace combines on-site, in-person presence with remote work. With ongoing uncertainty about the pandemic and how long it will last, many companies are … Read more

eLearning Skills 2030: Data Storytelling

Understand The Data, Visualize It, And Story-Tell As machines become accurate and intelligent, we humans will need to sharpen our skills. One of your primary responsibilities as a learning and development leader is to sharpen your skill and ensure that you empower the workforce to develop the four sets of skills critical to thriving in … Read more

Trump Is Most Furious at Former Officials Saying He Lost

How very typical. According to Trump insiders interviewed by the Washington Post, it is not the callous, horrific, and obvious self-interest on display in the hearings that most bothers Trump. No, of all the evidence the Committee has mined and presented to the American people, Trump is most bothered by the number of “his people” … Read more

6 Secrets To Schedule LMS Reports

How To Schedule LMS Reports To Save Time And Boost Online Training Effectiveness LMS report scheduling helps you automate delivery and ensure that data reaches key members of your team. For example, managers who can act on the information to provide timely support to subordinates. But is it really a feature you should consider when … Read more