Teenagers Who Use Marijuana Are Shifting From Smoking to Vaping. Should We Be Alarmed?

A new study documents a shift from smoking to vaping among adolescent cannabis consumers, which the researchers think shows there is “an urgent need for public health intervention and increased regulation.” But it is hard to see how that conclusion follows from the survey data, especially since vaping avoids the potentially dangerous combustion products generated … Read more

Federalist Publisher’s Tweet About Unionization Was Joke, not Threat

From today’s Third Circuit decision in Fdrlst Media, LLC v. NLRBby Judge Thomas Hardiman, joined by Judge Anthony Scirica: The Employer [FDRLST] operates The Federalist, a right-leaning internet magazine that publishes commentary on cultural, political, and religious issues of current interest, including labor issues. In June 2019, the Employer found himself at the center of … Read more

US Senate Candidate Alan Grayson Loses Libel Lawsuit

The Second Amended Complaint also alleges that the same content appeared online, alongside other statements that Plaintiff: “used international government travel to drum up business for his hedge fund”; “used Congressional staff to work for the fund” (omitting the fact that the staffer worked for the fund when Plaintiff was not a member of Congress); … Read more

Enchanting Titles for All Ages

Do you know a budding equestrian or a child otherwise fascinated with horses? Have you ever been in the company of a child when passing or driving by a pasture of horses? The awe and wonder these creatures inspire in children is hard to deny. Learning about and caring for these animals can impart lessons … Read more

New York Times Columnist Gail Collins Proposes a ‘Simple Battle’ To ‘Get Rid of the Guns’

If we are “sick of massacres,” says the headline over Gail Collins’ latest New York Times column, we should “get rid of the guns.” Which guns? Collins herself is not sure. Sometimes she seems to be talking about the rifles that politicians call “assault weapons.” She refers a few times to “assault rifles” and mentions … Read more