The Truth May Very Well Be ‘Out There’

My love for alien television was first born out of an infatuation with David Duchovny or, probably more accurately, Fox Mulder when I was a kid. As an adult, I still enjoy catching the occasional re-run marathon of “The X-Files” but have also found myself hooked on pseudo-documentary shows. For example, there is something delightful … Read more

CNN’s Latest Analysis: Biden ‘Can’t Do Much’ About All The Crises He’s Facing

CNN’s latest ‘analysis’ column contends that President Biden can’t do much about any of the numerous crises his administration is facing. The column, authored by White House correspondent John Harwood, argues that the President’s hands are simply tied when it comes to record inflation numbers, a humanitarian crisis at the border, the pandemic, and rising … Read more

Market Overview for Week of April 18, 2022

We’re coming off a shortened week with markets taking Friday, April 15 off in observance of Good Friday. There’s a lot to talk about this week with Elon Musk trying to buy Twitter (TWTR) and a record CPI print. Before we get to that, let’s assess the price action in markets this past week. US … Read more

Closing The Skills Gap: The Role Of The CLO

Why Universities Need Chief Learning Officers According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics Employment, the labor demand for software developers, quality assurance analysts, and testers is projected to grow by 22% from 2020 to 2030, much faster than the average for all occupations. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics also indicates that, by 2026, … Read more

Hey, School Board, Leave Our Kids Alone!

School boards across America continue to make national news for all the wrong reasons. Now, the Hudson School Board in Hudson, Ohio is getting its 15 minutes of fame after one concerned dad dared to challenge members on explicit content contained in the book “Gender Queer.” The dad read portions of the graphic novel titled … Read more

How History Will View the Biden Years

By Neil Patel for The Daily Signal When historians study the disaster that was the Biden administration, they will find many factors that contributed to the historic level of failure we are witnessing. At the top of the list is a president who is clearly just not up to the job. Whether due to age, … Read more

eLearning In Education: Evolving Roles

Digital Transformation Accelerated With eLearning Virtual learning or eLearning has been a part of the education sector for a few years now. But after the COVID-19 pandemic, the culture of eLearning saw a boost in its expansion. In countries like the USA, the UK, India, and others, eLearning became the new normal and kept students … Read more

The Myth of Cuban Health Care

“If there’s one thing they do right in Cuba, it’s health care,” said Michael Moore in a 2007 interview. “Cuba has the best health care system in the entire area,” according to Angela Davis, “and in many respects much better than the US” “One thing that is well established in the global health community is … Read more

The Democrat Party’s Jump to Socialism Is Fueling Their Destruction of America

Like a disease, quarantine the Democrat Party in its own dystopic enclaves Decades ago, the United States stopped producing Americans, replacing them with “US citizens,” who could exploit the country’s economic benefits without embracing its founding documents, culture, history and traditions. One such example is Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal, an Indian immigrant who arrogantly rejects … Read more