Training Digitisation: Knowledge Sharing – eLearning Industry

The Value Of Your People’s Knowledge For many businesses, especially those within the knowledge-based economy, existing employees are their greatest asset. Staff turnover is expensive for any business. Studies in the UK showed that the direct cost of replacement is over £30,000 on average to replace an employee earning over £25,000 per annum. However, more … Read more

How To Stay Motivated (The Locus Rule)

A study was conducted in 1998 at Columbia University by professors Claudia M. Mueller and Carol Dweck where they took a large group of fifth graders and separated them into two groups to complete puzzles. After solving the puzzles one group of children were told they did so well because they were so smart, the … Read more

Assessment And Learning – eLearning Industry

Studies Of Pedagogical Models Enrich Learning Many studies have analyzed successful pedagogical models. Their knowledge and the analysis of their lessons make it possible for rich learning, in particular by addressing the problem of objective assessment in business. Bloom’s Taxonomy Of Educational Objectives In a landmark work, Bloom (Bloom, Engelhart, Furst, Hill, and Krathwohl 1956) … Read more

Using An eLearning Platform Benefits Businesses

eLearning Benefits The Corporate World Too! Today, the concept of eLearning is alien no more. More and more educational institutions and companies are adopting the trend of online Learning Management Systems (LMSs). Considering the pace of adoption of eLearning technology, the eLearning market is set to reach $400 billion by 2026. The trend of educating … Read more

Here’s What We Really Want

Looking for the perfect kindergarten teacher gifts for friends, family members, or your little one’s teacher? As a kindergarten teacher myself, I rack my brain every holiday season for ideas too. Not just to put on my wish lists for my family to shop from, but also to give all of my teacher buddies. In … Read more

10 Tips for Teaching It in the Classroom

Lee is having a tough day. The fourth grader found out recently that his parents are getting divorced, and he can’t stop thinking about it. He slipped and fell in the mud during recess, and his pants and shoes are uncomfortably wet. Now he’s trying to concentrate on his spelling test, but the student next … Read more