Prof. John Harrison: Courts Are Not Agencies

This is the fifth and last in a series of posts summarizing an article titled Remand Without Vacatur and the Ab Initio Invalidity of Unlawful Regulations in Administrative Lawwhich is forthcoming in the BYU Law Review. The current draft is available on SSRN. These posts, and the article on which they are based, criticizing the … Read more

FlirtWith Assessment: What Do We Understand About Any Of It?

FlirtWith is a favorite relationship platform who has amassed a considerable account after and is mostly designed for those shopping for adventure matchmaking. The relationship channel is actually geared towards providing casual matchmaking encounters and is fun while becoming flirty when chatting with some other people. is most famous because of its real time … Read more

Help! Should I Come Out to My New School?

Dear WeAreTeachers:After relocating for my wife’s job over the summer, I’ll be teaching in a new district. I’m worried about recent coming out at my new school—especially with fearmongering about teachers’ agendas—to students or coworkers. It’s not as if I’m planning on announcing that to my students (in the same way a straight teacher wouldn’t … Read more

Orbán’s CPAC Speech Claims Progressives and Communists Are ‘the Same’

In his triumphant speech Thursday at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Dallas, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán played one of the oldest—and most morally grotesque—rhetorical cards in the central European diplomatic playbook: comparing the domestic political opponents of his audience with the totalitarian murderers who once subjugated his homeland. “The Hungarians defeated communism, … Read more

North Carolina Green Party Wins Major Ballot Access Dispute

The North Carolina State Board of Elections (NCSBE) voted unanimously on Monday to recognize the North Carolina Green Party (NCGP) as an official registered political party in the state. The decision marks another twist in what the North Carolina Green Party claims is a concerted effort by North Carolina Democrats to prevent Green candidates from … Read more

Learner Attention Spas: Tips For L&D Teams

L&D Strategy For Learner Attention Spas One of the biggest challenges for Learning and Development (L&D) teams and instructors, be it in a classroom or an office training room, is the diminishing learner attention span. For this article, we will restrict ourselves to workplace learning and employee training programs and suggest some of the possible … Read more