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Seattle School Principal Refused to Cooperate With Police as Deranged Intruder Was Terrorizing a Class of Fifth Grade Students, Allowing Him to Exit School Lockdown And Immediately Commit Multiple Assaults Before His Arrest

A deranged man suspected of being high on meth has been arrested for committing multiple assaults after jumping the fence of a Seattle-area elementary school and terrorizing a class of fifth-grade students. The troubling incident took place last week at Sand Point Elementary School, where, according to Seattle Police (SPD), 20-year-old Liban Harasam – who … Read more

This Man Says He Spent 17 Days in Jail After American Airlines Wrongly Fingered Him As a Shoplifting Suspect

On Independence Day last year, Michael Lowe, a tour guide from Flagstaff, Arizona, was vacationing in Tucumcari, New Mexico, when he encountered local police officers who were investigating a disturbance. As part of their investigation, they asked Lowe and his friends for identification, which led to his arrest after the cops found that he had … Read more

Reporters Tweet Creepy ‘Grateful to Work Here’ Statements After Latest Management Email on Newsroom Turmoil

The Washington Post under Executive Editor Sally Buzbee has turned into a hot mess of sloppy, disingenuous reporting and psycho-dramas in the one year since Buzbee assumed her position at the Post. This past week while star reporter Taylor Lorenz embroiled the Post in an embarrassing controversy over an article on social media influencers covering … Read more

Only Guilty People Charged With Violent Crimes

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has repeatedly blamed bail reforms and local judges for exacerbating gun violence by releasing defendants back onto the streets, but on Monday she took her rhetoric a step further, saying that people charged with violent crime should be kept in jail because only guilty people get charged with violent crimes. The … Read more

Flustered AOC Demands Democrats Use The Term ‘Latinx’ – A Term Latinos Roundly Oppose

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) went on a little foot-stomping “mini-rant” about Democrats not using the term ‘Latinx.’ It’s a word Latinos overwhelmingly reject. The reasons should be obvious for anyone who knows basic Spanish. Claiming that language, like gender, is “fluid,” the far-left New York Democrat went after lawmakers who refused to make use of the … Read more

“The Possibility of Prosecuting Federal Court Leakers—Update & Rejoinder”

We are grateful to Professor Volokh for featuring our June 1 Wall Street Journal op-ed (and, previously, our Bloomberg Law article) questioning common claims that there is no federal criminalizing the leaking of court-sensitive information, such as a draft Supreme Court opinion. In his parting comments on the WSJ piece, Eugene observes that he is … Read more

The Challenges Of Measuring Training Effectiveness

How To Collect Useful Learning Analytics As an HR or training professional, you probably chose to work in employee training because you’re interested in helping people grow their skills and advance their careers. You likely weren’t thinking about dealing with numbers and spreadsheets, or about tracking learner progress and course statistics. However, collecting and using … Read more

As 1/6 Hearings Approach DHS Issues New Warning About Increases In Calls For Violence From Domestic Extremists

The DHS issued a new warning that calls for violence by domestic violent extremists would increase as we head into the mid-term elections. DHS Warns About Calls For Violence From Domestic Extremists During Midterm Election “As the United States enters mid-term election season this year, we assess that calls for violence by domestic violent extremists … Read more