Day Trading at a Walmart

What’s up, everyone? Well, I am day trading in a Walmart parking lot, traveling trading station and in a camper van.

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And the internet, well, you can see it up there. I actually did another video, which I’ll put a link to down below, where I’m doing a side by side comparison to the internet. But I’m on a boys trip, me and my son. And I said, “Let’s try to get an hour of trading in each morning.” And so, this morning trading with the Starlink right up there, I was able to lock up about $1,500 a profit. Hey, how much money do you think we need for this trip?

A whole plump.

A whole plump. We need a plump of money for this trip, a good size plump. And $1,500 is not bad. I’m going to recap for you what I traded. We’re going to go over it. And by the way, if you want to check out, I’m going to put a link right down below here. You can check it out if you want. There’ll be a link right down below to a PDF you can download, which includes the list of all the equipment that I use for my traveling trading station, the internet that I use, and I have a redundancy. I have a backup as well. And the strategy that I’m trading.

When you’re on your traveling trading station and when you’re trading on the go, you want to adapt your strategy and I’ve done that. Make sure you guys check those out. And now, let’s jump in and do the recap of the stock I traded this morning. All right. Let’s jump over to the computer screen.

All right. We’re on the computer here. And the stock we’re looking at is USEA, USEA. Now, this is interesting because this is, as it turns out, a spinoff on one of the shipping stocks that we traded a few years ago. And so those who recall, we had this crazy surge in shipping stock names. We had DRYS, EC, ship. And I guess this is the spinoff on ship. We had DCIX. I mean, there were a bunch of them, and they went totally crazy.

This stock, they do their spinoff. And so it basically like IPOs under a new name. And yesterday, the thing goes from… I mean, I guess it shows the first print was down there at 80 cents. It went all the way up to $5, just under $5. But on very late volume, only 250,000 shares of volume yesterday. And then this morning, sure enough, and I missed a move, it goes first from four up to 5,50. And that was at about 7:20 AM.

I was sitting down here. I’m in the Walmart parking lot. And I got here early enough, but it took me a while to get the internet set up and my trading station set up. Anyways, I missed this move here at 7:45. My computer was up, but I wasn’t looking at charts yet. Thing goes all the way up to $7,80. It then pulls back and I started trading it in this area. And I did okay on it. I ended up giving back about half my gain.

I was up about $3,000 on the day. And then I’m finishing at 1,400, 1,500. Whatever. Like I said, it’s a green day. Yeah. Let me move this window over. I’m going to show you guys the P&L. But in total, I’m actually only up 9,48 on this stock. But again, this is traveling trading station stuff. Hey, 14, $1,500 that pays the bills.

And I’ll show you the spot where I screwed up on it. But this, my first entry was right off of $7 in this area here. And it squeezed up to 7,20. It sold off. Sorry. Right down here, came up to 7,20, nothing, dropped down. I got back in it again, it goes up to 7,45. And I kept thinking, if it breaks this level here, and then it breaks 7,50, we’re going to retest the high. And we did. But then on this candle, it hits 7,84, then drops to 7,23.

And what ended up happening was there was one really big sell order. Big sell order goes through and it flushes. And then it pops back up. Retraces, wick reclaim, which is good. Comes up to a new high of 8,20. And then, it’s a little choppy. And then it grinds up right here. My last trade got me up to 3,000 on the day. It breaks 8,50. I got back in at 8,65. I was like, “Okay, here we go.” I’m looking for another parabolic move, like what we had here. But it flushed from 8,79 all the way down here below eight. And it got me for $1,500 and put me up only 1700 on the day. And then I took one more trade right in this area here looking for an opening range breakout. And I lost 300 on it.

Went from up 1700 to up 14,84. And I didn’t even, I was done. I was like, “That’s it. I’m not trading it anymore. I’m good. I’m green.” And then I logged in, or I was still in the chat room. I saw people who were like, “Well, just gave back my whole day of profit.” Got in right here, and then look at that candle. Some people overstayed their welcome, got smoked on that one. Some people tried to get in here. And man, this thing was just choppy. And then that rejection there, and now it’s below VWAP.

Choppy this morning. But my approach for this is like classic traveling trading station stuff. Looking at the leading gaper. This was our leading gaper. Looking at micro pullbacks and then getting in, getting green and shutting it down and not overstaying my welcome. That’s a strategy they break down for you in the PDF on traveling trading station. I’ll break down the equipment I use, the internet sources that I use, the two different providers and the strategy. Keeping it really simple and not wanting to overstay my welcome.

And just for the heck of it, let’s do a little speed test here. Let’s see where speed’s coming in at. All right. Let’s see, SpaceX, Starlink. All right. Right now, I am currently uploading stuff, so it might not run as fast as if I wasn’t doing anything but ping right now, 81 milliseconds. That’s probably the highest it’s been today. I was down in the 30s earlier, but still not bad. Download speed, 111, that’s phenomenal. Upload speed, 910 megabits per second. That’s not bad. I mean, it was good enough to stream on YouTube and to the chat room this morning, so that’s good.

And I’m getting, look at this. This is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ads, all for Pottery Barn. Man, all right. And then some, for some, ooh, underwear. And AT&T. You know what’s funny? Is I was actually just shit talking AT&T two minutes ago, because I was talking about the fact that I wanted to get an AT&T hotspot to be a backup to the hotspot that I’m using here on my Verizon. But you have to give them your social security number and they do a credit check just for a $40 a month hotspot. And I was like, “You know what? I’m not playing that game. This is stupid. Get with the times.”

Don’t say stupid.

Oh, you’re right. I’m sorry. It’s silly. And so I say, “You know what? I’m not doing that. Forget it.” I’m not using it. But anyways, the Verizon hotspot here is only 10 megabits up and down. It’s pretty slow compared to the SpaceX Starlink.

All right. Anyways, that’s my recap. I’ll be back at it again tomorrow at a new location. And we’ll see how I do and we’ll see how the internet holds up. And if you want to check out the link, I’ll put it right down below for trading on a traveling trading station and trading in a RV. We’ll break down the equipment, the internet and the strategy. All right. I’ll see you guys first thing tomorrow morning.

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