How To Trade Commodities – Simpler Trading

Agriculture and commodities are arguably the most essential markets on Earth. It’s where the exchange of raw materials occurs on a mass scale. If there is a crash in the commodity market, then there will likely be severe repercussions in all the financial markets around the world. With that said, there are two types of … Read more

Top 4 Indicators Every Beginner Trader Should Use

What’s up everyone? Ross here from Warrior Trading. So in this video, I’m going to talk to you about the 4 indicators every beginner trader should have on their charts. Number one, you should be using candlestick charts. If you’re not already using candlestick charts, step back, slow down. You got to start using them. … Read more

Market Overview for the Week of April 11, 2022

Continued weakness in broad market price action this week. While the price setup in the S&P 500 still leans bullish with the bull flag setting up on the daily chart, some air is definitely being taken out of the vicious “wall of worry” rally. Perhaps it’s par for the course at this point, but we’re … Read more

Options Trading for Beginners – Simpler Trading

One way or another, all traders and investors alike who actively trade in the stock market have heard about options trading. And with the potential that options have, it might leave you wondering how a trader such as yourself can start trading options. But before you blindly jump into the exciting world of options, you … Read more

How the US Weaponized the Dollar Against Russia

The US and NATO’s response to the Russia/Ukraine war has upended the post-WWII global order we’ve all gotten used to. And nobody really knows if that’s permanent or temporary. Many strategists and analysts are talking about how this reaction is accelerating deglobalization, where countries get more isolated and trade less in favor of onshoring production … Read more