The Most Valuable Financial Asset You Will Ever Have

The importance of financial literacy makes it your most valuable asset you will ever have. Both understanding and also having the ability to use financial principles efficiently in your personal life is financial literacy. The concepts of budgeting, paying bills, investing, good credit, limiting debt, and managing a retirement account are all areas of financial … Read more

How To Stay Motivated (The Locus Rule)

A study was conducted in 1998 at Columbia University by professors Claudia M. Mueller and Carol Dweck where they took a large group of fifth graders and separated them into two groups to complete puzzles. After solving the puzzles one group of children were told they did so well because they were so smart, the … Read more

Stoicism: Become Undefeatable – New Trader U

Stoicism is the philosophy of the acceptance of circumstances as they are and not what we wish they were. Stoicism is the art of not indulging in unhelpful emotions. Stoics are pragmatists that see no purpose in dwelling in negative emotions like regret, jealousy, and worry to name a few. Stoics don’t cry over spilled … Read more

Top 5 Day Trading Beginner Mistakes to Avoid

Day trading is a serious endeavor that shouldn’t be taken lightly. As a day trader you are competing against professionals, algorithms, and large trading firms for profits in the markets. If you hope to make money you will need to operate like a business and not like a gambler. Success in day trading will require … Read more

The Skill Of Self-Confidence – New Trader U.S

Self-confidence is the feeling of faith and trust in your own abilities, skills, experience, and judgment. It’s the belief that you’re good enough to accomplish the task before you. It’s believing in yourself. People can have different levels of self-confidence in different areas of their life. You may have complete self-confidence at work but have … Read more

Why Self-Discipline is so Hard

Self-discipline is the ability to control your actions through inner will power regardless of your emotions and impulses. It’s the skill to overcome the temptation to violate your inner principles. Self-discipline enables you to pursue your goals, follow your own ethics, and be the person you want to be. Someone guided by self-discipline uses their … Read more

12 Habits That Changed My Life

Habits are reoccurring behaviors that are virtually on autopilot. Habits compound in returns and can set you on your life trajectory. Everyone has habits and they can be either good or bad they can lead to success or failure. Habits require little to no thought and once they are embedded in your daily routine they’re … Read more