Biden Suggests Elon Musk’s Twitter Purchase Should Be Investigated as National Security Threat

President Biden suggested Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter and his relationships with foreign countries should be investigated after being asked if he believed the billionaire presented a “national security risk.” Biden’s comments, made during a press conference on Wednesday, were prompted by a reporter who noted the Twitter purchase included Saudi investors. “Mr. President, do … Read more

Why the Indian Child Welfare Act is Unconstitutional

Well, you can’t say that my new book, Classified: The Untold Story of Racial Classification in America, was not well-timed. Last week, the Supreme Court took up the issue of affirmative action in admissions, and directly addressed the question raised in my book as to whether the classifications are too incoherent to be a justified … Read more

Colorado Voters Approve Decriminalization of 5 Psychedelics

Colorado voters this week passed the broadest reform of psychedelic drug policy ever approved in the United States. With 88 percent of ballots counted as of Wednesday night, 51 percent of voters had said yes to Proposition 122, which decriminalizes noncommercial activities related to the use of “natural medicine” by adults 21 or older. That … Read more

Voters Signal Growing Tolerance of Pot and Psychedelics

Voters on Tuesday approved the legalization of recreational marijuana in Maryland and Missouri while rejecting similar measures in Arkansas, North Dakota, and South Dakota. Meanwhile, voters in five Texas cities passed ballot measures that bar local police from issuing citations or making arrests for low-level marijuana possession. But the most striking election result for drug … Read more