The FDA’s Rejection of a Major Vaping Brand Shows It Is Arbitrarily Applying a Nebulous Legal Standard

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently issued “marketing denial orders” (MDOs) for the myblu vaping device and several of its tobacco-flavored proprietary pods. The decision, which the FDA announced last Friday, affects one of the leading e-cigarette brands and does not bode well for smokers who have switched to vaping or might be interested … Read more

Will Musk Lead Twitter Back To Its Free Speech Roots?

By Kaley Leetaru for RealClearPolitics What might Elon Musk’s new 9.2% stake in Twitter mean for its future and for the broader social media landscape? Could Musk lead Twitter to relax its content-moderation policies or even restore the accounts of those famously banned from the platform – one in particular? Alternatively, will tech platforms turn … Read more

Local Lawyers Think ‘Gross Negligence’ Explains an Unlawful Murder Charge Based on a ‘Self-Induced Abortion’

Ignorance and incompetence, as opposed to pro-life convictions, seem to be the most likely explanations for why Starr County, Texas, prosecutors pursued a legally invalid murder charge against a woman for “a self-induced abortion.” A local lawyer interviewed by The Washington Post said the consensus in the legal community is that the decision was the … Read more

Public Fatigue Becomes a Concern in Trump Investigations but Former Prosecutor Says It Will Not Deter Feds

There is fury right from the Democratic left at the theoretically Democratic DOJ and its apparent lack of interest in what might have been the single biggest crime ever committed against the United States government outside the Civil War. While waiting months, then over a year, for DOJ to “do something,” many of us were … Read more