The Politics of DNA

The Genetic Lottery: Why DNA Matters for Social Equalityby Kathryn Paige Harden, Princeton University Press, 312 pages, $29.95 “Luck,” E.B. White once said, “is not something you can mention in the presence of self-made men.” They worked hard, no doubt, to get where they are. But they also benefited enormously from good fortune, not just … Read more

Empty GOP Backseat Driving Babies Are Running On Finger Pointing and Against Wokeness

Republicans have long been the party of back-seat drivers. There’s a noticeable lack of actual policy solutions in the Republican Party’s platform. What they are running on in 2022 is comprised of (largely manufactured) culture war villains and finger pointing blame. What is lacking is what has long been lacking – where’s the solution? It’s … Read more

‘Doesn’t Fit the Narrative’: Analysis Confirms Mainstream News Outlets BURY the Race of Murderers if They Are Black

It has been apparent for quite some time now that the legacy news media is clearly no longer in the business of providing accurate information to the public. Instead, the supposed ‘arbiters of truth’ have thrown journalistic ethics to the wayside in favor of pushing the approved narrative and dutifully serving the elicit agenda. In … Read more

The Demand for Political Misinformation is a Bigger Danger than the Supply

In recent years, there has been widespread concern that democracy is threatened by the spread of misinformation and “fake news” on social media and other similar new technologies. Rick Hasen’s recent book Cheap Speech: How to Disinformation Poisons Our Politics-and How to Cure It, is an important addition to the literature making this case. Hasen … Read more

A Roundup of Recent Federal Court Decisions

Please enjoy the latest edition of Short Circuit, a weekly feature from the Institute for Justice. From 2001 to 2018, now-retired Midland County, Tex. Prosecutor Ralph Petty worked on over 300 cases as both the lead prosecutor and law clerk for the judge overseeing those cases, arguing by day and (among other improprieties) drafting orders … Read more

Dianne Feinstein and the Dangers of Gerontocracy

If you ever feel like politics is stuck in the past, consider the ages of who is involved at the highest levels. President Joe Biden is currently 79; he’s the oldest person to have ever assumed the office of the presidency. His 2020 presidential opponent (and possible 2024 GOP nominee) Donald Trump is currently 75. … Read more

First Amendment Lawsuit by Vegan Advocate Against University of Missouri Can Go Forward

From Hershey v. Curators of Univ. of Missouridecided Wednesday by Judge Douglas Harpool (WD Mo.): Plaintiff often handed out flyers and brochures, and he advocated for vegetarian or vegan eating. Plaintiff claims that the University’s policy that placing regulations on speech on areas of campus is unconstitutional. More specifically, he claims that Defendants applied the … Read more