Michigan Authorizes Cops To Steal From Travelers at Airports

Graham Filler, a state legislator in Michigan, describes two recently enacted civil forfeiture bills as a “reform” that closed a dangerous “loophole.” In reality, the new laws open a dangerous loophole by authorizing forfeiture of cash carried by travelers at Michigan airports without a criminal conviction. That change represents a substantial reversal of reforms that … Read more

Congress Sends More Weapons To Ukraine, While Trying To Disarm The American People

House Democrats are trying to jam through ’emergency’ gun control measures aimed at the American people while simultaneously sending tens of billions of dollars of military hardware, including rifles and pistols, to foreigners in Ukraine. The House Judiciary Committee is currently poised to advance the Protecting Our Kids Act which Representative Thomas Massie has described … Read more

Roy Moore Can Proceed with Libel Suit Over Allegation That He Had Solicited Sex at Mall from 14-Year-Old

From Moore v. Senate Majority PACdecided Tuesday by Judge Corey Maze (ND Ala.): [Roy] Moore won a run-off election to become the Republican nominee for the vacant seat in September 2017. Moore squared off against Democratic nominee Doug Jones in December…. On November 9, 2017, The Washington Post published an article about four women who … Read more

“The ACLU Never Stopped Defending Free Speech”

Prof. David Cole, the ACLU’s National Legal Director, has an article with this title in The Nation; an excerpt: Earlier this month the ACLU argued before the US Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit in defense of a high school student expelled for temporarily posting to Snapchat a picture of his friends dressed in … Read more

COVID-19 Restrictions Intensified the Wars on Drugs and Sex Work

“Widespread reliance on punitive approaches to enforcing public health” harms marginalized groups, says Amnesty International. A new report from the human rights group Amnesty International suggests quarantine rules and other COVID-19 charges were especially targeted for groups already more likely to face discrimination, police harassment, and unjust criminalization. Amnesty International calls on governments to reject … Read more