Best Compression Socks for Teachers

Your feet are sore, and your muscles are crying for summer break. When you hear the words “compression socks,” you may think, “I’m not willing to wear those ugly beige hospital thigh-highs.” It’s time to give up your pain, because the compression socks you’re going to buy are cuter, cheaper, and more targeted to your … Read more

Ease Employee Preconceptions About Online Training

Learn How To Determine Employee Preconceptions About Online Training In adults, views about the boss can influence your pleasure or misery in the workplace. You might think you love or hate your job when it’s really colleagues or the boss guiding your sentiments. This equally applies to career advancement pursuits. So, before you implement online … Read more

The Learning And Performance Ecosystem

More Direct, Effective, And Instantly Available Today’s work environment is more distributed and diffused than ever before. It is also more connected. Mobile devices allow us to work almost anywhere. We converse digitally, meet virtually, and collaborate in online environments. Working remotely has been normalized during the global pandemic. At the same time, we are … Read more

Why List On An eLearning Business Directory

Should You List In An eLearning Business Directory? There are countless digital marketing tools at your disposal, but very few are free and targeted for your niche audience. An eLearning business directory helps content providers generate qualified leads and stretch their marketing dollars. You can even create a listing in a matter of minutes thanks … Read more

How To Apply Empathy To Research Learners’ Needs

5 Tips To Identify Your Learners’ Needs And Improve Learning Experiences The enjoyment and benefit trainees derive from a course are directly dependent on how the course is built. If the course’s content and structure speak to them on a personal level, they get more from it. They’re able to form a connection and assign … Read more

Online Compliance Training: 6 Signs It’s Heavy

6 Signs That Your Compliance Training Can Be Tiring For Your Learners Think about the basic steps of compliance training. Your learners need to know regulations, preferably word-for-word. They should know what each word means, and what areas it covers. They have to be familiar with what constitutes non-compliance, and how far they can dance … Read more

Career Advancement And The Workplace

Career Growth For In-Office Vs. Remote Workers Deloitte’s survey showed that only 36% of workers felt satisfied with the growth opportunities offered by their employers. Judging by this statistic, there’s a global challenge in providing career advancement opportunities. However, some argue that in-office workers should be given an advantage when it comes to promotions because … Read more

Metaverse For Learning: An Opportunity

The Vision Imagine a rectangular training room, surrounded by whiteboards, presentation screens, and movable chairs. You’re taking your new joiners on the growth journey of the organization. All of a sudden, a timeline is projected onto the middle of the floor. Employees move their chairs away to stand up in the present, ready to move … Read more