User-Generated Content In An LMS: Applications

Rise Of UGC Concept Modern trends imply business owners have to adapt to the needs of their customers, offering a product that will definitely score high on User Experience. Relying on the users to be responsible for creating and capturing content might sound like a great idea. This creates bilateral communication and as a result, … Read more

10 Ways to Support Children Experiencing Anxiety

Steven Robertson Steven writes for the Teacher Toolkit site from a primary perspective. He is a year 2 teacher in a catholic primary school in Runcorn. Although currently in key stage 1, he has experience teaching across a variety of year groups and has previously taught in… Read more about Steven Robertson Do you find … Read more

Tell Me What to Say to the Children

Dear WeAreTeachers:Every day, I hear my second grade students talking about what they see on the news. Often it’s about violence. Between the Buffalo supermarket shooting and the school shooting in Texas, I’m at a loss. They seem so disillusioned and almost numb to another mass shooting. I don’t feel super-confident facilitating hard conversations, so … Read more

A Custom LMS Or A SaaS LMS: Which Is Best?

Definitive Comparison Of Custom LMS Vs. SaaS LMS Thanks to technological advancements, the world of learning and teaching has seen significant developments and shifts. Many things have moved to a digital classroom from physical ones. Today, students can access an unlimited amount of textbooks and other resources using their laptops or mobile devices, regardless of … Read more

The Why Of Custom eLearning

Learners Desire More And Deserve Better Employee learning has become significant in the past decade, making it crucial to develop a well-rounded Learning and Development (L&D) program and improve it continuously. Nowadays, information has the highest value, and technology changes rapidly. Hence, workers’ skills must keep up with the pace of change. Companies often believe … Read more

7 Tips To Add Audio Scenarios In Online Training

7 Ways Audio Can Benefit Your Online Training Most online training developers rely on branching or video-based scenarios to facilitate real-world application and immerse employees in the experience. However, they aren’t necessarily optimal for busy professionals who can’t get to a screen. The trick is adding audio scenarios in online training to offer JIT support … Read more

25 Fun Ways to Teach and Learn Them

Let’s face it, most of us don’t need to know what “future continuous perfect” means in our everyday lives. But we do need to use it correctly. In most cases, kids pick up proper verb tenses naturally as they go along. But there are some advantages to understanding and being able to name tenses, especially … Read more