eLearning Trailblazers: Sales Training Thought Leaders

Sales Training Pros Who Are Leading The Way Keeping your teams motivated, engaged, and inspired is often easier said than done. It takes solid leadership, personalized L&D, and ongoing support to bring out the best in your sales teams. Fortunately, the sales training experts on this list offer their experience and insider know-how to organizations … Read more

Training and Development: 7 Trends in 2023

Training And Development In 2023 Training and development is a crucial aspect of any organization, as it helps employees improve their skills and knowledge, adapt to new technologies and processes, and become more productive and effective in their roles. As we look toward the year that is unfolding, there are several core trends that are … Read more

4 Essential Skills For The Digital Era

Building Strong Teams In The Modern Workplace The pandemic put digital transformation in fast-forward mode, and if you want to keep up, it’s time to rethink your employee training. Your employees may have adjusted quickly to the shift to remote work, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re proficient with critical digital skills for work. If … Read more

How To Make Learning Relevant Through Irrelevance

Making Learning Relevant Through Irrelevance “Irrelevant”…not something any learning practitioner, especially Instructional Designers, ever want to hear about their courses. The word “irrelevant” is a death knell for any learning effort, because once labeled as such, it becomes an insurmountable obstacle to remove this label from the minds of decision-makers and stakeholders. Many practitioners already … Read more

Center On Learner Needs, Goals, And Data

L&D Job Perk: Center On Learner Needs, Business Goals, And Data Over the last three years, the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, exponential digital technologies growth, global tensions, climate change, and significant demographic shifts resulted in major shifts in where, how, and when people work. Almost every organization in every sector, including industry, non-profits, academia, … Read more