Airplane Mask Mandate May Not Be Gone for Good

Two days ago, a US district judge struck down the federal mask mandate for airplanes and other mass transit and the Transportation Security Administration has since stopped enforcing the mandate. But the Biden administration may not let go of its precious pandemic security theater that easily. “The Department of Justice and the Centers for Disease … Read more

The Best Beverly Cleary Books for the Classroom

Ramona Quimby. Henry Huggins. Ralph S. Mouse. Beverly Cleary created unforgettable characters who have continued to find new fans long after their books first hit shelves. Cleary died in 2021 at age 104, having sold more than 91 million copies of her books—and counting. In addition to winning several prestigious writing awards, Cleary also was … Read more

Dem Michigan State Senator Shows Democrats How To Fight And Win The GOP’s Culture War

Michigan State Senator Mallory McMorrow (D-Royal Oak) blasted the Republican who so hatefully accused her of being a “groomer”. The 13th District Democrat wrote: “Senator Lana Theis accused me by name of grooming and sexualizing children in an attempt to marginalize me for standing up against her marginalizing the LGBTQ community…in a fundraising email, for … Read more

How to Save for Retirement

It’s difficult to watch an evening program on the networks without viewing commercials featuring anxious retirees mulling over their retirement accounts with a cup of coffee. Many of these commercials feature retired couples walking their dog, window shop, or riding their cruiser bikes along the boardwalk. Where are the real people who get stuck in … Read more

How To Recruit Skilled Maintenance Workers

5 Ways To Recruit And Retain Maintenance Workers The global maintenance market is enormous—it’s expected to reach a value of $1.548 trillion with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7% by 2023. An industry as large and diverse in its scope as maintenance clearly requires a significant amount of skilled talent . However securing … Read more