Levels of Wealth Explained – New Trader U

There are fourteen primary levels of wealth that are each distinct in their experience both mentally and financially. Most people can look at this list and identify where they are in their financial journey rather quickly. Two keys to personal finance is to number one identify where you are, and number two set goals for … Read more

German Crackdown on Online Speech Shows Perils of Eroding First Amendment

Americans who are alarmed by online “hate speech” and “misinformation” tend to resent the limits that the First Amendment imposes on government intervention against objectionable content. But German authorities do not suffer from such constraints, and the consequences should give pause to critics who are sympathetic to the idea that freedom of speech sweeps too … Read more

Chuck Norris Issues Dire Warning: Biden And His Neo-Marxist Liberals Are Leading America ‘Down The Slippery Slope To Communism’

Chuck Norris is well known for his martial artistry, being everyone’s favorite Texas Ranger, and possibly being the most fantastic man ever to walk the Earth. However, some may not know, including me, until recently that he is also a fairly active opinion writer. Recently he took on the left, declaring ‘Karl Marx would be … Read more

Let States Issue Immigration Visas

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. The Republican governors of Arizona, Florida, and Texas have been busing recently arrived Latin American immigrants to Democratic “sanctuary” jurisdictions. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis even had 50 Venezuelan migrants flown to the Massachusetts island of Martha’s Vineyard. So far, this policy has mostly amounted to political theater, using immigrants as props. … Read more

Collecting Data For Useful Learning

Collecting Data For Learning Collecting data helps decision-makers improve their product and enhance the value it offers to end users. A key reason why people collect data is that they want to learn more and get answers to questions that they cannot answer without knowing whether others have experienced similar problems. It’s not just about … Read more

Employee Training LMS Maximization: 7 Tips

7 Secrets To Maximize Your Employee Training LMS Trial Experience From a vendor perspective, free trials are a premium marketing technique. In theory, they’re high-value and sound. Software companies know clients have a tendency to rush through the last three days of the trial period. Then, to relieve their guilt, they’ll buy the product anyway. … Read more

Pentagon Launches Probe After ‘Woke’ Diversity Chief’s Racist Tweets Exposed

Between UFOs, poorly executed social media military psyops, and Chinese parts popping up in military aircraft, the Pentagon has had its hands full with reviews, investigations, and probes. The latest to add to the list is the discovery that their newly promoted Diversity Chief for the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) may not have … Read more