Is Russia’s Army a Paper Tiger?

As Andrei Martyanov has frequently and correctly noted, the US Army and its legacy officers are demonstrating remarkable incompetence in assessing the Russian military. The latest in this parade of clowns is Joel D. Rayburn, a retired colonel and current fellow at the New American Foundation. I think Andrei would agree that Rayburn is a … Read more

The Department of Homeland Security Is Broken and Dangerous

Founded 20 years ago in the panic-stricken days after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was originally tasked with guarding the borders and preventing similar future assaults from abroad. Since then, the agency’s focus has shifted to enemies closer to home in the form of Americans the government has tagged as … Read more

Trump-Endorsed Candidates Sweep Establishment GOP Picks as Grassroots Rise Up…Win Against All Odds

100 Percent Fed Up Exclusive – In what can only be described as a historic election, MI GOP delegates wiped out decades of establishment rule yesterday at the GOP State Convention with their votes to elect Trump-endorsed election integrity candidates Kristina Karamo for Secretary of State and Constitutional Attorney Matt DePerno for Attorney General as … Read more

More on the Transportation Mask Mandate Litigation

Last Monday’s US district court ruling against the legality of the CDC transportation mask mandate has transformed air travel in the United States, allowing passengers and crew to fly maskless for the first time in many months. While many (myself included!) were happy to be free of masks, it is also true Judge Kathryn Kimball … Read more

Ukraine and Double Standards on Refugees

Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine has created a massive refugee crisis, with over 5 million Ukrainians fleeing the country. Many Western countries have admirably accepted Ukrainian refugees in response. But critics argue that this relative openness by the US and Europe involves a pernicious double standard under which white European refugees from Ukraine are welcomed, … Read more

🚨 Ofsted Quotes on ‘Working Memory’ Are Dangerous!

@TeacherToolkit In 2010, Ross Morrison McGill founded @TeacherToolkit from a simple Twitter account through which he rapidly became the ‘most followed teacher on social media in the UK’. In 2015, he was nominated as one of the ‘500 Most Influential People in Britain’ by The Sunday… Read more about @TeacherToolkit Can we trust what is … Read more

Storytelling Tips For eLearning: 3 Tips

Effective Storytelling Is Both Art And Science Storytelling is a skill that can be learned and used to teach others. In his book The Leader’s Guide to Storytelling, Stephen Denning says, “Storytelling is more than an essential set of tools to get things done: it’s a way for leaders—wherever they may sit—to embody the change … Read more