Transformation Blueprint: Leveraging Network Effects

Focus On The Big Picture And Define Your Niche Market The volume, velocity, and complexity of change thrust upon us leave little room to avoid transformation. The only constant is change, and transforming ourselves and our organizations is the only way to withstand such change. In this article series titled “Transformation Blueprint,” we explore the … Read more

8 Steps To Create A Rapid eLearning Development Plan

Steps To Create A Rapid eLearning Development Plan Today There are a few things that a rapid eLearning development plan is not. Firstly, it’s not a sloppy shortcut to achieve your L&D goals. It’s also not a cheap way to develop low-quality content because you’re racing the clock. However, rapid eLearning can help you repurpose … Read more

Top 5 Day Trading Beginner Mistakes to Avoid

Day trading is a serious endeavor that shouldn’t be taken lightly. As a day trader you are competing against professionals, algorithms, and large trading firms for profits in the markets. If you hope to make money you will need to operate like a business and not like a gambler. Success in day trading will require … Read more

Tips To Create A Safe eLearning Environment

Developing a Successful eLearning Environment Chances are good that your organization isn’t quite ready to abandon traditional classroom training, but eLearning can certainly supplement and complement your learning delivery. If your company is new to eLearning, however, there are some important considerations before you start developing your training. Tips For Creating A Safe, Secure, And … Read more

How Nonprofit Software Can Jumpstart Your Fundraising Strategy

6 Ways Nonprofit Software Can Help You Fundraise Panhandling usually has a negative connotation. It’s why charities advocate for donation via formal institutions rather than street-side hand-outs. The latter are often exploitative, and might not have any real, long-term impact. That said, even within the NGO space, there’s a measure of “begging” involved. You still … Read more

Protect applications against cyber threats

All eLearning Accounts Are Under Threat Every day, custom Internet of Things (IoT) applications process vast amounts of corporate data, including private, sensitive data about the company and its clients. Hackers can blackmail the company or sell the data to other malicious parties they were to obtain access to this information. A data breach is … Read more

What LMS Gamification Is And How It Helps

Using Gamification To Boost Employee Engagement A growing number of organizations are implementing gamification within various aspects of the workplace—and their LMS is no exception. LMS gamification can quickly elevate the learning and training experience for employees and the benefits this popular strategy can provide as a result. Read on to learn how. What is … Read more