Isaac Chotiner Interviews Professor Laurence Tribe

The New Yorker‘s Isaac Chotiner interviews noted Harvard law professor Laurence Tribe for the latest issue. The brief-yet-broad interview covers a range of topics, and includes some of the “gotcha” questions for which Chotiner is known. In the interview, Professor Tribe describes how he embraced the Supreme Court’s ideological direction during the Warren and Burger … Read more

Bryan Caplan on “Misinformation About Misinformation”

Economist Bryan Caplan is one of the world’s leading experts on political ignorance and irrationality, author of the much-cited book, The Myth of the Rational Voter. In that work, he argues that misinformed than voters are likely to be far worse ones that are merely ignorant. Caplan takes the problem of political misinformation very seriously. … Read more

Continuous Protests Spread Across Iran Following a Massive Price Hike in Food and Other Basic Goods

This information is given to The Gateway Pundit by the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) On Tuesday, May 17, people in several Iranian cities took to the streets for the fifth consecutive day of anti-regime protests. These protests are ongoing despite intense security measures and limited internet connectivity. Protests began over the sudden … Read more

The Future Of Innovative Learning

Gamification Is Redefining The Future of eLearning In recent years, the concept of EdTech has completely transformed. From interactive learning based on animations to applications, students and enthusiasts from all age groups have experienced the benefits offered. However, another interesting transition that has brought a very positive change to the EdTech industry is the introduction … Read more

Biden’s Plan To Link Federal Transportation Spending to Zoning Reform Could Make the Housing Shortage Worse

President Joe Biden has a new idea for reducing regulatory barriers to new housing construction. Contained within the White House’s expansive new Housing Supply Action Plan is a proposal to tie federal transportation grants to state and local governments reforming their zoning codes. Proponents of this approach argue that the massive amounts of money that … Read more

Victories for Rand Paul, Pot, and Some MAGA Candidates in Primary Elections

Five states held primary elections on Tuesday: Idaho, Kentucky, North Carolina, Oregon, and Pennsylvania. One of the big questions going in was how Trump-endorsed candidates would fare (which many see as a proxy for measuring the former president’s influence within the party). The results on that front were a mixed bag. For instance: Trump-endorsed candidate … Read more

Medicare for All Would Be a Terrible Trade

If you ask, Americans tell you that health care costs too much. That opens a door, or so many politicians think, to dramatic “reforms” that would transform the provision of medicine in this country by putting the government in complete control. The catch, though, is that Americans want top-notch care, and for as close to … Read more