8 Ways To Improve Employee Performance

Top 8 Ways To Boost Your Employees’ Performance In the modern corporate world, it’s essential to strengthen one’s employees so they can keep up with demand. If an organization doesn’t nurture its staff, it will quickly fall behind and never reach its goals. Furthermore, don’t forget how much impact employees have on the company’s employee … Read more

Headless Technology: A Headless LMS?

…And Why You Didn’t Know You Wanted It Headless technology can be characterized by three traits: the separation of the visual (front end) and the content (back end) layers, simultaneous use of multiple front ends, and API. Let’s have a closer look at each of these traits, how they are used in eCommerce, and what … Read more

Average Net Worth By Age (Not What You Think)

Net worth is calculated by the total value of every asset that an individual owns subtracted by all their liabilities. Net worth can vary greatly over someone’s lifetime based on where they are in their financial journey. College graduates can even start out with a negative net worth as they have a degree but no … Read more

Why (Most) Citizens Are Not “Responsible for the Actions of their State”

Are citizens responsible for wrongs perpetrated by their nations’ governments? In a recent statement defending her policy of denying asylum to Russians fleeing Vladimir Putin’s military draft, Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas says the answer is “yes”: Every citizen is responsible for the actions of their state, and citizens of Russia are no exception. Therefore, … Read more

The Not-So-Soft Skills Of The Future

Employability Matters This is the rumor that has been doing the rounds for over a decade or more. The whispers increased as AI and automation took center stage in the last few years. I, however, was gratified to read a 2018 Pearson article that said, “At the risk of being too simplistic, you could summarise … Read more

Why the Political Grift Won’t Stop

It didn’t take long after New York Attorney General Letitia James announced her $250 million fraud lawsuit against the Trump Organization for Twitter’s toy cannon brigade to strap into their Aerons, crack their knuckles, and start issuing proclamations that the walls around the 45th president were finally closing in. “The noose is tightening on Trump,” … Read more

eLearning Solutions For Your Online Compliance Training Courses

Which eLearning Solutions Are Best For Online Compliance Training Courses? Whether you’re outsourcing or handling content development in-house, you need eLearning solutions that engage your remote workforce. They expect boring and bland. So, just imagine their surprise when they login to online training compliance courses that are custom tailored to their needs. Ultimately, it requires … Read more

10 Tips To Keep Learning Teams Motivated

When Motivation Fades Motivation is a prerequisite to learning. It’s crucial at the beginning of learners’ journeys and remains important throughout the pursuit of mastery of any skill. Motivation is a renewable but impermanent resource. What happens when it starts to fade? Learners who encounter progress plateaus or spend long stretches of time pursuing new … Read more

Will Europe Break with the United States?

I received a great questions from a German reader who also happens to be a journalist. He asked, “What would be a way and what would be the practical implications if Europe in general and Germany in particular were to break with the US in order to find a European peace and economic framework including … Read more